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Residents store rooms &


No.Type Size (m2)Price (£)Availability
1Store room1.9m2Not released
2Store room1.9m2Not released
3Store room1.9m2Not released
4Store room1.6m2Not released
5Store room1.9m2Not released
6Store room1.9m2Not released

Ground Floor

Facilities, parking & commercial units

No.Type Size (m2)Price (£)Availability
Commercial & terrace125.4m2Sold
Commercial unit24.4m2Sold
Bike store27.6m2

Floor 1

Apartment Nos. 1 – 9

No.Type Internal (m2)Price (£)Availability
1Executive studio25.6m2Sold
2Executive studio27.0m2Sold
3Executive studio27.0m2Sold
4Executive studio26.7m2Sold
5Executive studio26.3m2Sold
6Executive studio34.6m2Sold
72 Bedroom51.2m2Sold
8Executive studio21.3m2Sold
9Executive studio21.6m2Sold

Floor 2

Apartment Nos. 10 – 18

No.Type Internal (m2)Price (£)Availability
10Executive studio25.6m2Sold
11Executive studio27.0m2Sold
12Executive studio27.0m2Sold
13Executive studio26.7m2Sold
14Executive studio26.3m2Sold
15Executive studio34.6m2Sold
162 Bedroom51.2m2Sold
17Executive studio21.3m2£133250Available
18Executive studio21.6m2Sold

Floor 3

Apartment Nos. 19 – 27

No.Type Internal (m2)Price (£)Availability
19Executive studio25.6m2£184073Available
20Executive studio27.0m2Reserved
21Executive studio27.0m2£184883Available
22Executive studio26.7m2£182723Available
23Executive studio26.3m2Reserved
24Executive studio34.6m2£255488Available
252 Bedroom51.2m2Sold
26Executive studio21.3m2Reserved
27Executive studio21.6m2Sold

Floor 4

Apartment Nos. 19 – 27

No.Type Internal (m2)Price (£)Availability
28Executive studio25.6m2Sold
29Executive studio27.0m2Sold
30Executive studio27.0m2Sold
31Executive studio26.7m2Sold
32Executive studio26.3m2£185218Available
33Executive studio34.6m2£263058Available
342 Bedroom51.2m2£367238Available
35Executive studio21.3m2£148174Available
36Executive studio21.6m2Sold

Floor 5

Apartment Nos. 37 – 45

No.Type Internal (m2)Price (£)Availability
37Executive studio25.6m2Sold
38Executive studio27.0m2£195839Available
39Executive studio27.0m2Sold
40Executive studio26.7m2Reserved
41Executive studio26.3m2£190548Available
42Executive studio34.6m2Sold
432 Bedroom51.2m2Sold
44Executive studio21.3m2£152438Available
45Executive studio21.6m2£154655Available

Floor 6

Apt. Nos. 46 – 52

No.Type Internal (m2)Price (£)Availability
46Executive studio25.8m2Not released
47Executive studio21.3m2Not released
48Executive studio21.3m2Not released
49Executive studio21.0m2Not released
50Executive studio19.4m2Not released
51Executive studio22.0m2Not released
52Executive studio21.6m2Not released

Floor 7

Apt. Nos. 53 – 59

No.Type Internal (m2)Price (£)Availability
53Executive studio26.3m2Not released
54Executive studio21.6m2Not released
55Executive studio21.6m2Not released
56Executive studio21.3m2Not released
57Executive studio19.5m2Not released
58Executive studio22.0m2Not released
59Executive studio21.8m2Not released

Roof terrace

& plunge pool

No.Type Size (m2)Price (£)Availability
Plunge pool21.0m2
Sunbathing terrace127.9m2


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